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    Parties hereby agree that all purchases made are subject to the following terms and conditions:

    1. The customer requests TRICHILO FOOD SERVICE to sell and deliver products as stated in the application on the reverse side hereof, and further certify that the statements made on the customer application are true and correct.

    2. The customer agrees that all amounts due TRICHILO FOOD SERVICE are payable according to the following terms:

    If weekly, 7(seven) days from date of purchase. If monthly, by the 10th (tenth) of the month following the purchase. If any amount due TRICHILO FOOD SERVICE is not paid within said period, a delinquency charge of 1.5% per month of the unpaid balance will be added to the amount due.

    3.It is further agreed by the customer and/or personal guarantor that I/we do hereby empower any attorney of any court of record within the United States or elsewhere to appear for me/us and after one or more declaration, file, confess judgement against me/us as of any term for the outstanding balance due with costs of suit and attorney's commissions and costs, not exceeding 33 1/3% of the outstanding balance for collection and release of all heirs and without stay of execution and inquisition and extension of personal property for levy and sale on any execution herein is hereby also expressly waived, and no benefit of exemption can be claimed under and by virtue of any exemption law now in force or for which may hereafter be passed.

    4. The customer agrees to notify TRICHILO FOOD SERVICE by certified mail of any pending change of ownership, and further agrees to be liable for all purchases if there is a failure to comply with said notification. In the even that this agreement and personal guarantee is signed by more than one person, the liabilities and obiligations of the undersigned shall be joint and several, and the relative words herein shall be read as if written in plural.

    5. The customer authorized TRICHILO FOOD SERVICE to obtain a credit check on the customer.

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    Owner, partner< or corporate officier

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    I personally guarantee payment in full of all present and future indebtedness of the customer to TRICHILO FOOD SERVICE, including any and all delinquency charges, collection, demand, protest, and any other notice from TRICHILO FOOD SERVICE regarding this guarantee of payment of the customer's default. Personal guarantor acknowledges paragraph 3 above, by signature below.

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